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Different Loading Schemes – Linker and Loader

Different Loading Schemes

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Different Loading Schemes

Compile-and-Go Loaders

  • Assembler is loaded in one part of memory and assembled program directly into their assigned memory location
  • After the loading process is complete, the assembler transfers the control to the starting instruction of the loaded program.


  • The user need not be concerned with the separate steps of compilation, assembling, linking, loading, and executing.
  • Execution speed is generally much superior to interpreted systems.
  • They are simple and easier to implement.


  • There is wastage in memory space due to the presence of the assembler.
  • The code must reprocess every time it runs.

General Loader Schemes

  • The general loading scheme improves the compile/assemble-and-go scheme by allowing
    different source programs (or modules of the same program) to be translated separately
    into their respective object programs.
  • Moreover, The object code (modules) stored in the secondary storage area; and then, they are
  • Similarly, The loader usually combines the object codes and executes them by loading them into the
    memory, including space where the assembler had been in the assemble-and-go
  • Rather than the entire assembler sitting in the memory, a small utility component called
    loader does the job.
  • Note that the loader program is comparatively much smaller than the assembler, hence
    making more space available to the user for their programs.


  • Advantages of the general loading scheme: Different Loading Schemes

o Saves memory and makes it available for the user program as loaders are smaller in size than assemblers. The loader replaces the assembler.
o Similarly,  Reassembly of the program no more needed for later execution of the program.
The object file/deck available and can load and executed directly at the desired location.
o This scheme allows the use of subroutines in several different languages because the object files processed by the loader utility will all be in machine language.


  • Disadvantages of the general loading scheme:

o Moreover, The loader more complicated and needs to manage multiple object files.
o Secondary storage required to store object files, and they cannot directly place into the memory by assemblers.

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