How To Monetize Blogs With WordPress (3 Proven Ways)

Are you looking for some genuine ways to monetize blogs with WordPress?

Or have you been wondering how some bloggers monetize their blog content?

In most cases, you will see spammy content titled How to make thousands of dollars overnight and to my greatest surprise, most prospective bloggers fall for this.

In fact, there is absolutely no genuine way to make thousands of dollars overnight for beginners. I am not here to write a long post without meaning or to beat around the bush.

What I am about to reveal to you today is ways you can monetize blogs with WordPress.

WordPress is widely used for blogging, not only that, it comes with free themes and plugins.

The most beautiful part of WordPress is that it is easy and free.

Before you read further, please note that this is NOT a get rich scheme.

Monetize blogs seems to be the easiest way to earn a decent income online base on my experience but it requires lots of traffics to make a full-time income.

Don’t be scared or navigate away if you are not getting traffic.

If you are having less than a thousand visitors daily, you can still make monetize your blog.

Table of content.

  • Affiliate Marketing on WordPress
  • Google AdSense on WordPress
  • Sell Ads Directly on WordPress


1. Affiliate marketing on WordPress

How to start affiliate marketing on WordPress

Affiliate marketing is one way you can monetize blogs.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to your readers/audience using a special tracking code or link.

This is how affiliate marking works.

When you register with an affiliate company, they give you a special tracking code or link.

Whenever your audience purchases an item using your tracking code, you get a commission for that product. The commission varies because it majorly depends on

  • The industry,
  • Types of product or services that you are recommending, and
  • Cost of product or service.

There are some other reasons why commission varies but the listed above are the major so far.

It is always advisable to recommend products in your niche to increase sale. For example, most readers coming to are not ready to buy a pizza.

There are WordPress plugins available in the market specifically for affiliate marketing.

ThirstyAffiliates is one of these plugins. It has ThirstyAffilates free version and ThirstyAffliate PRO version. This plugin allows you to create branded links, quickly insert links into your post, auto-replace keywords into links, and help you see the performance of each link on your site.

Keep in mind that the Pro Version may have more edge over the free version.

You can start by signing up with a popular program such as

You don’t necessarily need to stick to the popular affiliate program. Some industry can set up an affiliate program for a specific product in your niche.

You can sign up with them too since its relevance to your niche, it will also increase sales.



How does Google Adsense works

Google Adsense is another easy way to monetize blogs. At least, it is one of my favourite way to monetize blogs. First, you have to get your Adsense account approved by Google in order to get started.

How does Google Adsense work?

Take a script similar to this from your Google Adsense account.

Display Google Adsense on your blog

Paste that code on your site and boom! Google pays you whenever a user clicks on that Ads regardless of the activities. Unlike Affiliate Marketing where you have to sell a product, Google Adsense pays majorly on CPC which means cost per click (CPC).

The CPC is set by the advertiser.

Sometimes, you get paid for Impressions. This is called CPM. CPM stands for Cost per M, Where “M” is 1000 in Roman Figure.

For WordPress user, it is easy to use a plugin to rotate Ads on your blog.

My favourite plugin is Ad Inserter. It has both free and PRO version but the free version works almost the same as the PRO Version.



How to sell advert directly

Selling ads directly on your blog is another way to generate more income online, unlike Google Adsense and other ads company that takes some percentage from the advertiser.

If you really want to take the bull by the horns, then you can try a direct approach to advertisers.

It’s more complex than Google Adsense because you have to negotiate fees, prepare an invoice and agree on terms.

Always make sure your website drives a decent amount of traffic with quality content unless this may not work for you.

When you sell ads directly, you make 100% profit, but this approach is complicated because it requires you adding some codes to your website.

One way to make this easy is to charge a flat rate. This will help to avoid complex work like tracking clicks, views e.t.c. You can use WordPress Ads Management Plugins make every process easier.

Monetizing blogs is not as easy as you think, because it requires hard work, patient, determination and consistency especially if you are new to blogging but the hard-work truly worth it and pays off in the long run.

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How To Monetize Blogs With WordPress (3 Proven Ways)
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